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We neeed your help to keep finding these Pawesome Pups their Fur-ever Faster! CHeck us out, Donate & Share!
            We are super proud of our accomplishments, but as we take this show on the road, we need YOUR help! Our goal is to have teams all across the country highlighting pups so that a rescue doesn't have to wait months or years to get help. By contributing to Pup Pals, you are helping grow the number of rescues and shelters Pup Pals can work with, the number of dogs that can get personalized videos, and the number of people who will watch each episode.
            Contributions to Pup Pals also helps the rescues themselves. By focusing on dogs that may have been in the rescue for a while, we free up space for another dog to be rescued. It also increases the number of adoption fees the rescue can have coming in, which helps them increase funds to take care of the dogs, facilities, and hard working staff.
            Thirdly, by sharing videos of these pups on the ever growing Pup Pal's social network, it drives more people to be aware of the rescue and how to help support it.
           We know that alone we can only do so much, and that's why your contributions mean so much to us. We're excited to welcome new members to the Pack because together we really can make a difference!