who are the pup pals

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     Pup Pals is a service that creates videos that give a honest look at how a dog acts, plays, and even cuddles. We focus on dogs who are wonderful pups, but, for one reason or another, have been overlooked. We meet with rescues and their pawesome dogs and find out what is unique and interesting about each of them. We then share their stories with potential adopters, so they get a much better idea of what this fur-ever friend would be like in their home! And we do all of this at NO COST to the Foster or Rescue!  

    By sharing videos of these pups on the ever growing Pup Pal's social network, it drives more people to be aware of the rescue and how to help support it.
     We know that alone we can only do so much, so we're excited to welcome new members to the Pack because together we really can make a difference!

Click to Donate & Lend a Paw!

               Meet our Happy Pals!
(Pups who have found their Fur-ever thanks to Pup Pals!)

Meet the Pup Pals Pack


  1. Justin Liebergen - Alpha Dog
    Justin is a storyteller in NYC who grew up in Kansas City with a giant yellow labrador named Shelby, and he has never forgotten how much happiness that dog brought to his childhood. With his skills as a cameraman, editor, and writer along with his personal experience with animals, Justin is uniquely suited to tell the stories of these wonderful dogs that help others see all their wonderfulness.
    Justin Liebergen - Alpha Dog
  2. Samantha B. Northart - Pack Leader
    Samantha has been working in Animal Foster & Rescue for over a decade now. She saw that there was a desperate need in the Rescue community for a better way to find deserving pups their Fur-ever homes faster. As a singer, actor, and animal lover, she believed that there was a way to combine all of her passions into one purpose. With both her contacts in the arts and her network of animal lovers and rescue workers, she is ready and willing to combat the hard issues facing the community and help work towards saving them all.
    Samantha B. Northart - Pack Leader